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About Us

Elite Dressage Horses is a family affair, with Joan Munday, her son Timothy (more familiarly known as 'Tucker'), his brother Joshua and husband Tim all being closely involved with the purchase, schooling and breeding of the horses, together with the day-to-day operation of the business.

Production of the youngsters and continued schooling of all age groups is undertaken by Tucker, who has had training during his career from Sue Brennan, Serena Pincus and Peter Storr.





After winning the British Dressage Talent Spotting Final, demonstrating his affinity with both young and advanced horses and earning the unanimous vote of the judges, Tucker was quick to recognise and express his gratitude for the contribution all had made.


Tucker loves working with the young horses, as he finds the harmony that can be obtained between horse and rider very rewarding. He was talent spotted in Germany when he went to try some horses to buy and his belief in the German levels of training for both horse and rider form the basis of his schooling. His special empathy with horses has been well recognised and is evident from the willingness to please of those he produces.

Joan's background in horses spans a lifetime of breeding, exhibiting and judging. Her eye for movement and conformation, and her knowledge of bloodlines, coupled with Tucker's aforementioned skills, result in their selecting only the finest quality horses on the German market.

When buying, all the horses are ridden by Tucker to assess not only their talent and trainability, but also their all important temperament.

We normally have horses for sale. Please feel free to contact us to enquire about any which take your interest, or, if we don't appear to have the partner you're searching for, to discuss what you're looking for, as we may well be able to help you. You may also find it helpful to read the 'Buying from Us' section, which will hopefully offer reassurance about the lengths to which we go to provide you with that 'special' youngster!